Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Do what you love!

What is it that you love doing? What makes you smile, makes your heart sing and your skin glow? Is it taking pictures of your children, hugging your pets, cooking, taking a walk out in nature, writing, reading, riding your bicycle, gardening, etc? Most of us today are so busy working, raising children, running errands, paying bills, and doing the regular day-to-day routine that we put what we love doing on the back-burner. We figure we'll get to it later because there's something else that needs to get done. We live in a world where we're so consumed with achieving goals and getting things done that we forget about nourishing our souls. I believe that if we nourish our souls, we thrive, not just survive. Our life has purpose and meaning. Our life has life!! We're not just doing what's necessary to get by. We're bringing joy into the world by doing what we love and when we do, we become more joyful and you know what happens when you're around someone who's joyful. It's contagious and you find that your mood gets better. You smile and feel so much lighter. And when your feeling lighter and happier, then it affects those who are around you. So by doing what you love, it starts a domino affect and causes others to do what they love. And wouldn't it be a much nicer world to live in if everyone could take a few minutes out of their day to do what they love? I guarantee you, people would be a lot less stressed out and they'd find that they have the time to do what they love, rather than finding that they have excuses to put off doing what they love!! Be the catalyst of joy by doing what you love! Start today! Start right now!!! Just simply START!!!